NRT - Full Body Reset

What is a Full Body Reset

The Full Body Reset (FBR) is first of all not a massage for the whole body. But for many people it is very effective. FBR is performed with the NRT technique. You don't necessarily have to be stuck everywhere or totally tense. By tackling your whole body you also take smaller muscles with you that help you unnoticed in your daily activities but less 'nagging' for attention. And yet these muscles can make pain worse. Of course, a healthy lifestyle also helps your body to recover! What you eat, drink or don't drink enough water really affects your body but also e.g. prolonged repetitions such as typing, long car rides or a lot of stress will hold the pain in your body for a long time(s). This is well known. So this also influences your results the days/weeks after.

Full Body Reset lichaam

Execution Full Body Reset

The FBR can also be carried out in thin clothing (think of yoga clothes or thin sports clothes). It is even better on the skin. In advance I will examine you for pain spots that we already check during the treatment. You could possibly book another 15 min. for a massage of your choice but the FBR is already an intensive treatment in itself.

Prices and making an appointment

For rates regarding the Full Body Reset, click here. Make an appointment via What's App (tel: 0651234322) or for more information about this or any other treatment you can also call. What's app is generally faster.